Delectable Dozen - This is Week Twelve

A good weekend to you! This week's featured recipe is the vegetarian stir fry, a staple last minute meal in our household. It can be quickly improvised with whatever veggies are on hand and either tofu, mock chicken or your favourite kind of canned beans and paired with leftover rice or noodles. If you don't have an official-looking, oriental-type wok, you can always just use a large non-stick frying pan.

Some Young Family favourite stir fry vegetables include snow peas, broccoli, red or yellow peppers, cremini or shiitake mushrooms, green or yellow beans, carrots and baby corn. Yours might be different. Cooked celery and cabbage are both verboten in our kitchen due to the intense aversion of one family member who is not me, but you might enjoy these things as well as baby bok choi and bean sprouts (only a mild aversion).

A good start to any stir fry is to brown your tofu or mock chicken, then set aside. Then fry some combination of fresh onions, garlic and ginger for about five minutes and then throw in your selection of veggies and simmer for another five. Then comes your sauce, heat through and serve. The two sauce recipes on offer today come from the two opposing flavour preferences at work in our family. The Christina side prefers sauces from the "Unspicy Realm," so her offering is a traditional sweet and sour sauce. The Mark side of the family prefers the polar opposite, which is from the "Realm of Spice." My offering is a spicy Schezuan sauce.

Choose your preference from the two and let us know which one you made and how it worked out by posting a comment below. We will make sure to acknowledge the winning sauce in two weeks when we return with our next message and recipe. Will people prefer spicy or sweet? Only you can decide.

Thanks for reading along with us in 2010 and we'll be back with more great recipes in 2011. Happy Holidays from the Young Family.