And now... Week Ten

Good morning. Almost ten weeks of no meat on Mondays. You guys are awesome! Think of what an overall positive thing that is for your health, animal welfare and the environment. Is it coming more easily to you? Not scared of preparing a delicious meal without meat as its centrepiece? Do you have a favourite recipe? Know where to find some new meat substitutes in your favourite grocery store that are tasty and fulfilling? This is all good.

There is actually one Canadian grocery chain which recently advocated adopting a Meatless Monday approach. Sobeys featured this really great advice in their Spring Newsletter. This makes me want to shop there more. Such sound advice coming from a national grocery chain! This won't play well in Whitehorse, of course, as their city council just narrowly voted down a Municipal Meatless Monday resolution. Well, nuts and seeds to them. There is a very well-written online petition by an Ottawa resident encouraging her local city council there to vote the opposite way which should show the dissenting Whitehorse politicians the error of their ways.

This week's recipe uses the vegetables of the week from way back in weeks four and seven. Full disclosure: this is actually a Mark favourite, rather than a Young Family favourite. We face some tomato issues in our family meal planning, as well as some eggplant resistance. Their loss, I say. This weeks vegetable of the week is the Jerusalem Artichoke or Sunchoke, by special request from one of the recipients of this weekly message. These nutty-tasting tubers are very high in iron, look like ginger root and cook more like a potato. I couldn't find it at the grocery store and have actually never tried it myself, but I'm willing to go on the enthusiastic recommendation of this reader because we're all in this together. I'll keep watching for it at the grocery store.