Week Two missive

Welcome to Week Two. Hope all went well with the Lentil Loaf last week. We're back with another recipe this week and not a moment too soon. I really didn't know how many people would take me up on my request, but I've been blown away with the number of people who did, including those who were already eating meatless one or more days a week but wanted the recipes and those who forwarded it on to other people, who then jumped on board. Thanks to all of you. Please feel free to add comments on the recipes or how you modified them or just any thoughts on being Meat-free one day a week.

So let's get to this week's recipe. Vegetable of the week is watercress, a vitamin-packed powerhouse of an innocent-looking green. Breakfast of the week is Fruit Smoothie and Oatmeal. You just need some fresh and frozen fruits, blended with some greens (maybe watercress--don't worry, the smoothie still tastes like fruit, it just looks green), ground flax seeds and water or juice. The dinner recipe for the week is Mushroom Chowder, an old favourite of ours which is easy and fast to make and so delicious. It is also a lighter choice for those who might have overindulged on the weekend. 

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!