Week Three

Hello again. Here we are in Week Three. Weren't those first two weeks easy? This week's recipe is one we have made twice in the past two weeks and Stella always asks for seconds and thirds. It is a delicious, hearty meal for these cooling Fall days. It also includes the first instance of a meat analogue or fake meat product, Yves Veggie Ground Round. You can find this in most grocery stores, usually at one end of the produce section. (Or just crumble some veggie burgers, if that is easier, or there are other products out there.)

These "veggie meat" products are a convenience food for vegetarians and a way to indulge some former favourites from omnivorous days without eating any meat. If you don't like this idea or can't get to the grocery store, I included an option to substitute lentils. The Vegetable of the week is broccoli, which is truly a miracle food: higher in vitamin C than oranges and packed with as much calcium per calorie as milk, you just can't eat too much of this one. Breakfast of the week is whole grain toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas with a cup of green tea. 

Thanks for reading and good luck this Monday!